Support Center: Version History

Version 1157 March 27, 2019

Administrator – Added support to compare conduits in Binary mode. Option is on the Conduit Filters page.
ChangeEngine – Added function to test key fields for NULL’s. Certain databases allow NULL’s even when IS NOT NULL is specified.
ChangeEngine – Further refined code that detects duplicate data and logs it.
ChangeEngine – Unified the code that builds the ORDER BY clause on conduits into a single function
Administrator – Fixed a problem in the new code that encrypts the ExportHeader table.

Version 1156 March 15, 2019

ChangeEngine – Fixed another bug when checking for duplicate key fields on tables that have no key fields.

Version 1155 March 13, 2019

ChangeEngine – Fixed another bug when checking for duplicate key fields on tables that have no key fields.

Version 1154 March 11, 2019

ChangeEngine – Fixed a bug when checking for duplicate key fields on tables that have no key fields.

Version 1152/3 March 11, 2019

ChangeEngine – Added support for ORACLE conduit sources
Administrator – Fixed issue on Field Length when casting a conduit field to another data type.
Administrator – Fixed issue saving conduits with a space in the name of the conduit
ChangeEngine – Duplicate key fields now give a detailed message in the log showing exactly what table, columns and data is causing the duplicates.
ChangeEngine – Added a log message if a conduit source table takes more than 5 seconds to open.
Administrator – Update exportable fields to remove unused columns
Administrator – Encrypt DSN settings in ExportHeader table
All – Remove references to DSN settings in all logging

Version 1151 Jan 7, 2018

ChangeEngine – Revamped support for Excel spreadsheets
All – Enabled the Timesheet logic type (logic type 7) for use by the new export processes.

Version 1150 Nov. 2, 2018

Administrator – Found and fixed a problem with the new TransHist columns and exporting notes. Anyone getting the website should be on at least this build of the server.

Version 1149 Sept. 24, 2018

Administrator – Conduit List now shows conduits in use if they’re used for any report, used as the source of another conduit, or used on a button. Previously only showed in use if used on a button.
ChangeEngine – Conduits used as the source of another conduit, but not on a button no longer record changes in the Change Master table.
Adminstrator – Enabling force time autotrack also enables time autotracking by default and disables default time options. Basically the two option settings are linked together.
CjamgeEngine- Removed COLLATE option for Unique Identifier columns (data type 72)
SyncServer – Removed MakeSDF command from BufferDatabase subroutine. No reason to buffer Windows CE Database.

Version 1148 July 20, 2018

Administrator – Allow user to select inactive buttons for Employee, Job, Phase, Equipment and Pay Type designations. This allows for hidden pay type buttons.
Database – Fixed a misspelling of one of the new column names in TransHist: PayTypeID.

Version 1146 July 11, 2018

Administrator – Fixed issue where it was saving conduits during the load of Conduit Edit screen. Now only saves if the conduit is a new Sage Timberline conduit.
Administrator – Modified Weekly Timesheet logic type to use the same configuration options as Timesheet Duration logic type.

Version 1145 July 3, 2018

Change Engine – Added support for opening source and local tables in Latin General collation. Fixed some issues with Sage Timberline conduits.

Version 1144 May 9, 2018

Administrator – Fixed an issue causing time logic to be set to invalid option when loading a type.

Version 1143 March 28, 2018

Administrator – Fixed a problem in the Type Details selecting the correct logic option when first loading the form.

Version 1142 March 28, 2018

Change Engine – Fixed problem in CheckSourceCount that was keeping it from returning a true if there were rows.

Version 1141 March 7, 2018

Administrator – Fixed a capitalization error

Version 1140 March 6, 2018

Database – Added BatchMode, PhaseButton, EquipmentButton, and PaytypeButton to Types table
Administrator – Add new tab to Type editing screen for Button Designations.
Change Engine – Modified CheckSourceCount to do SELECT TOP 1 instead of SELECT COUNT(1) to increase performance.

Version 1138 Feb. 1, 2018

Administrator – Fixed an error when saving the Mandatory Notes type option
Administrator – Exports now default to Manual

Version 1137 Jan. 17, 2018

Administrator – Fixed an error in the Export Manager screen loading the File Extension field

Version 1135 Jan.17, 2018

Change Engine – Overhauled the Archive system. Archives now go into single tables instead of batches of dated tables. Archive settings now stored in Systems table.

Version 1134 Nov. 3, 2017

Administrator – Defalt “ExportZeros” column to 1 for non duration types, and 0 for duration types

Version 1133 Nov. 2, 2017

Administrator – Restrict access to Users and Groups functions in Administrator if the SystemsWeb table exists. These functions must be done via the website if it’s installed.
Administrator – Added option to export Zero Duration records per Type on Export Manager screen in Administrator (upper right checkbox).
Change Engine – Added log entry when Zero Duration labor records get exported.
Change Engine – Increased Change Buffer from 25,000 records to 250,000 records.

Version 1132 Sept 12, 2017

Administrator – Added new Type level option: “Auto Time-Tracking by Default”

Version 1131 June 19, 2017

Administrator – Remove Global Retention option
Administrator – Changed options on default type
Administrator – Disable TransGPS and TransAttach conduits by default.
ChangeEngine – Don’t export Labor records with zero duration.

Version 1130   Apr. 24, 2017

ChangeEngine – Added new function to skip conduit processing if source table returns zero rows.

Version 1129   Apr. 7, 2017

ChangeEngine – Removed restriction on AdvancedExport flag to keep ChangeEngine from exporting to Tables

Version 1128   Feb. 24, 2017

PC Client – Fixed another problem with setting the default date to today’s date.

Version 1127    Feb. 10, 2017

PC Client – Fixed a problem with setting the default date to today’s date.

Version 1125   Jan. 5, 2017

ChangeEngine – Changed GlobalFilters to GlobalFiltering to avoid a .NET name conflict

Version 1124   Dec. 30, 2016

ChangeEngine – Fixed an issue in ReceivePost that would keep records from being written to Transfer correctly.

Version 1123   Dec. 13, 2016

All – Added option for global Company and Department filters to Global Options.
Installer – Removed PTUpdate service from Installation
Installer – Added PTServiceMonitor to installation.
ChangeEngine – Found and corrected a very small issue with Change Engine posting GPS records.
Administrator – Set default InputMask to 0 (alpha numeric) when creating New Type
Administrator – Set default InputMethod to 0 (scan and keyboard) when creating New Type

Version 1122    Dec. 7, 2016

All – Rebuild to fix broken file in previous builds. 1121 and 1120 at least are not usable builds.

Version 1121   Nov. 11, 2016

ChangeEngine – Modified code to not create Timesheet conduits unless Timesheet tables exist in the Master database.

Version 1120   Nov. 7, 2016

ChangeEngine – Force buffer of DB after Scheduled conduit run, or Run All from administrator. Buffer will start about 1 minute after conduits finish running.

Version 1119   Sept. 22, 2016

Administrator – Fixed an issue with deleted users counting towards total user license count.

Version 1118   Sept. 22, 2016

Approval Process – update CorrectDay to look forward and backward 14 hours instead of 10 to facilitate longer shifts.
Administrator – Fixed issue when saving edits to first user while licenses are maxed out.
ChangeEngine – Added new Sys conduit “sys_tblTimesheetCompanyAddress
ChangeEngine – Added new Sys conduit “sys_tblTimesheetHeaders

Version 1116   July 7, 2016

Administrator – Fixed small issue when deleting User who is first in the combo box list.All –
All – Added preliminary support for QuckBooks using QODBC connections
Change Engine – Added a switch to the Settings table to turn off Table exports. The Web client now handles Table exports as of this build.

Version 1115   Mar. 2, 2016

All – Fixed problem when posting records from PC Client

Version 1114   Feb. 22, 2016

Administrator – Fixed loading of type when TimeDefault was a time stamp instead of numeric. Only affected types that used to be Duration but were changed to StartTime
Administrator – Fixed a bug setting up the new MaxDuration column in the Types table

Version 1113   Feb. 15, 2016

All – New option for Maximum Duration on Duration logic types

Version 1112   Feb. 3, 2016

All –  Added support for MAS90 ProvideX databases
Administrator – Fixed auto-sizing of the preview window on Conduit Details form
All – Added Type Level Option for Mandatory Notes
All – Added Grid Allocation logic type.

Version 1111    Jan, 5, 2016

Change Engine/Sync Server – more changes to support MySQL data types; another change to support Byte type
Change Engine – Enhancement to support API Exporting
Administrator – Fix for Export Manager not setting Manual vs Automatic flag correctly

1110  10/23/15 Administrator/ChangeEngine Enhanced MySQL support. Allow GUID Unique identifier datatype columns as key fields
1109   9/23/15 Administrator Add “Update Passwords” option to Conduit screen. Allows you to change a password from X to Y for conduits that use X
1109 All More work on Detect Schema Owner function. Assume dbo if table owner returns invalid data.
1108   9/14/15 All Detect Schema Owner and append it to the beginning of table names when loading remote SQL strings
1107   8/28/15 All Enhanced detection of Numeric and Decimal columns during conduit table building
1107 All Added option for having a full date/time stamp on export so exports come out in batched files, or no stamp, so all exports go into one appended file
1107 All Added support for conduits built to a MYSQL database
1107 PC Client Removed warning when item not in validation list, just clear the button position
1107 Change Engine Disabled Checksum testing for conduits. It was too inconsistent to rely on across multiple database types
1106 All Added Deleted flag to Users table, exclude Deleted users from Licensing count.
1105 All Modified filtering to better handle blank companies and department values. Blank user company/dept now return all instead of none.
1104 ChangeEngine Improved handling for NULLs in conduit data in numeric column types.
1104 ChangeEngine Update change detection routine for all Sys conduits so they always run regardless of CHECKSUM comparisons.
1104 Database Fixed a spelling error in a column name in the UserLicense table.
1104 ChangeEngine Added new columns to Shfit table: LunchStart, LunchEnd, UserID. Will allow multiple shift definitions per user.
1104 Database Added new column to Shfit table: LunchStart, LunchEnd, UserID. Will allow multiple shift definitions per user.
1104 Database Defaulted ShiftID as the primary key for Shift table .
1104 ChangeEngine Add Shift table to System Conduits list.
1104 ChangeEngine Added code to update conduit status to OK with current time when there’s no CHECKSUM difference.
1104 Administrator Set default TagList filters from existing types when assigning a conduit to a button. If TagList filtering is turned on for another type, it will be turned on for the new type as well.
1104 Administrator Added warning when unchecking TagList filtering if there are existing TagLists for that conduit.
1103 Administrator Corrected problem saving Time Auto Track setting on Type Details.
1102 Administrator Corrected problem when loading Global Options form
1101 ChangeEngine Corrected defect when Auto-Exporting to ODBC intruduced in build 1086
1101 Administrator Allow spaces in Custom Web Report Names and Parameter fields
1100 All Added columns to ProgSync table in the default database.
1099 Administrator Added “Location” and “Description” fields to custom report screen.
1098 Administrator Added “Allow ALL RECORDS” option to custom report screen.
1097 Administrator Corrected problem when loading parameters that have no conduit selected
1096 Administrator Changed sort order on parameters list for custom web reports form. Ensure new Parameter is selected after adding.
1095 ChangeEngine Added code to create ReportsHeader and ReportsDetails tables and add them as system conduits
1095 Administrator Added interface for adding custom reports
1095 All Added new Global Option named ResetApprovalOnEdit to toggle behavior of resetting approval level of records after editing
1095 ChangeEngine Added routine to clear TagSelect of entries to conduits that have had taglist filtering disabled.
1094 Installer Updated installer to get reports from Source folder on KG1 instead of Build folder on KG
1094 Administrator Corrected a problem with saving new types caused by the change in 1093
1093 Administrator overhauled the “SaveType” function to make it more intelligently update a type instead of just re-writing it.
1093 Admin/SyncServer Changed code to cause a BufferDB to occur 5 minutes after a Type is Saved. Multiple Saves resets the timer. This allows changes to occur before buffering.
1092 Admin Set defaults on type loading for type details.
1092 Admin Detect column ConduitHeader.IsTimberline when loading Conduit structure
1092 Admin Detect column Types.AutoFillFromPrevious when loading Type structure
1092 Admin Added code to Admin to remove a cdt table after a conduit has been deleted
1092 Admin/SyncServer Added code to display last database buffering status on conduit form
1091 Admin Force default of 1 minute for Type.TimeInterval setting if it’s NULL
1090 Admin/Change Engine Enhanced Timberline support for conduit management and execution
1088 Admin/Change Engine Added preliminary support for direct Timberline conduit management and execution
1086 Admin/PC Client Disable Date controls on Edit Record screen unless user has Backdate permissions
1085 All Fixed a Key issue on the ManagersTreeReportTable in the source Access engine.
1085 All Added DefaultTag column to source Access Engine.
1085 Change Engine, Admin Now allows automatic exporting to text files, not just ODBC targets.
1085 All Switched Licencing Mode from Client based system to User based system. Existing licenses are automatically converted to User Licenses
1085 Administrator Moved the Licencing form into the Administrator from the SyncServer
1085 Administrator Fixed a problem in the Archive Review form
1083 PC Client Modified multiselect functionality to remember checked items between searches. Checks will only be visible if the search field is empty.
1083 Clients Fixed issue that cleared Department and Company when changing password from the Splash screen.
1083 Change Engine Added code to add Default Tag column to the Tag Select table.
1081 Administrator Fixed some formatting and sizing issues on the Conduit Editing screen.
1081 Administrator Fixed some formatting issues on the Export Manager screen.
1080 Administrator Modified Type screen to allow setting Job and Employee buttons for all logic types.
1079 PDA Client Added code to stop double validation of hand-entered data if it passed validation on the first pass.
1079 Administrator Fixed a problem in Administrator when trying to open Archive Review.
1079 Administrator Fixed a long standing problem with type creation that would create duplicate security objects for the last type that was edited.
1079 All Added code to handle Grid Entry types for PC Approval Processing application.
1078 All Added / Changed new logic type for “Grid Entry (Duration)” and “Grid Entry (No Time)”
1078 Change Engine Added code to clear out old taglist items for a UserID that has been deleted.
1078 PC Client Removed dependancy on MSFlexGrid.ocx
1078 Administrator Fixed an issue in the Record Review Report that would error if you sorted the grid by TransType and tried to view the report.
1077 ChangeEngine & SyncServer Fixed a logic problem while checking source column for data type when building conduit sql statements that was causing database timeouts on large conduits.
1076 Administrator Enabled Job Button selection for the Clock In logic type to accommodate the Biometric Time Clock app.
1076 Approval Process Increased time-out on Export button to 30 minutes for customers with huge amounts of export records.
1076 Change Engine Fundamental change to change detection. All fields are Left/Right Trimmed before comparison. This should stop runaway conduits due to spaces in the source data.
1076 Change Engine SyncServer Added code to handle inactive conduits without issue. It now builds the table for inactive conduits, but keeps them from being populated or tracking changes on them.
1076 Administrator Added the ability to view System Conduits on the Conduits page, but only if logged in as Admin or on the Server.
1075 Clients Changes to default reports launcher.
1071 ChangeEngine Added code to force database buffer and android db download on auto detection of conduit changes during validation.
1071 Clients Employee Detail and Job Detail reports now accept a Job parameter. Finds the first Job conduit with data/display as first two fields to use for list.
1070 Administrator Blocked Conduits, Types and Exports buttons if not on the server computer. Does this by comparing IP of change engine to local IP
1070 Administrator Set NewDatabase = 1 in tblTerminal whenever conduits are saved – This is for Android/iPhone devices.
1070 Adminstrator Force database buffer whenever conduits are saved
1070 SyncServer Modified WebFiles folder handling to force delete of files when moving them over. Windows was locking files and preventing updates.
1070 ChangeEngine Added code to remove TagList items set to a Transd = 2 just before it runs the TagList changes. 2’s are local deletes on handhelds.
1067 Administrator Added code to keep spaces and dashes out of conduit names.
1066 SyncServer Added an error handler to Globals/PauseApplication in the hopes of resolving a lost connection popup at American Asphalt
1065 PDA/PCClient Changed Time Allocation to find the First clock in of the day, and the Last clock out 24 within 24 hours of the first clock in.
1065 Approval Process Fixed an old bug with records showing pend sub that were really pending direct when in Job Mode.
1065 All Added a new Time Logic type called “Grid Client”
1064 PDA/PCClient Fixed an issue with RollScanPos going to the wrong position when Autofills are used, but not Maintain Last Value’d
1062 PC Client Fixed an issue causing database downloads in disconnected mode. Related to the increase in Change Detection handling from 1 mil to 100 mil records.
1062 Reports Fixed an issue with the Managers Tree View report.
1060 PC Client Fixed a search window issue created by 1059.
1059 PC Client Fixed Time Allocation when on Access
1059 PC Client Fixed Search window when the key field was the cdtRecID
1054 PC / Approval Installer Installer now gives the option to selectively install either client
1054 PC Client Refresh pick list after modifying tag list.
1053 SyncServer Now exports master.dbb to the WebFiles folder when buffering the database.
1053 Administrator Corrected a problem trimming the log file when it was over 100K in size.
1053 ChangeEngine Added code to clear out old taglist items that have been deleted from a conduit.
1053 ChangeEngine Modified CorrectDay to update the Duration on Transfer records. Previously it only updated TransHist
1053 ChangeEngine Added Collation statements to Shift logic to cure any potential issues with database collation when using a view to feed the Employees table
1053 ChangeEngine Added detailed error messages to the Change Detection routines to help with future change detection issues.
1053 SyncServer, PC Client, PDA Modified Sync routine to allow up to 100,000,000 changes instead of 1,000,000 as before.
1053 PDA Corrected AutoPost with more than 6 buttons.
1053 PC Client Corrected Time Allocation when value is typed and not selected.
1051 PDA Fixed a problem in the handheld when sorting on conduits that had numbers in the conduit name.
1050 PDA/SyncServer Added enhanced routine to validate change downloads and detect/request missing changes.
1044 PC Client Clear last logged in user name when in CITRIX mode.
1043 Taglist Manager Corrected a problem when loading the list if one of the columns contains a NULL value.
1043 Client Installer Added more components to the installer.
1042 Client Installer Added some missing components to the installer. Also, it will now create shortcuts for PC Client in the Start menu and on the desktop.
1041 Scheduler Fixed a small logic issue when adding a new entry where the Save button would sometimes not enable correctly.
1041 Scheduler Removed the ability to edit Scheduler tasks in the service. It’s now only in the Administrator.
1040 PC, Approval, Admin Added the ability to edit the Date on a Duration based record type to the Edit Record screen
1039 Approval Process Added the ability for the top level and second level people to modify others My Employees lists.
1038 PC Client, Sync/Change Fixed a problem when using StartTime logic and Batch Submit of records that was leaving 0 duration posts.
1037 Installer Fixed a problem with a missing file that was causing a problem with the installer process
1036 Admin, PC Client, Approval Added Colon and Forward slash to the allowed characters for the edit fields set to alpha/numeric.
1036 PDA Added a connect to internet function to the connect button to initiate a connection on port 80 to wake up some brands of cellular radios.
1035 Administrator Corrected an issue with the Achive Review screen when running from a client and not the server.
1034 All Clients/Server Added verbage to the upgrade error message to suggest the user try running as Admin to get the upgrade to happen.
1034 PDA Added an “AutoConnect” option which will try to connect whenever you post a record if the device is not currently connected.
1033 Chagne Engine More changes with Null Fields during change detection.
1033 Administrator Added a Clear History button on the Log/Services screen
1032 Change Engine/Sync Server Fixed an issue with logging clock ins to the OnsiteData table.
1032 Change Engine Found an issue with NULL fields that cropped up from fixing the bug 9 rows above this one. All string NULLs and date NULLs should be handled as true nulls now instead of zero length strings.
1031 Approval Process Changed the err handler in Form Load of the Splash form to let the user know that errors here are usually permissions based.
1031 Change Engine Fixed a logic issue during change detection when comparing a Null field to a non Null field. It was letting NULL = Non-NULL be True
1031 All Added code to automatically buffer the database when a conduit or type change is made.
1031 Administrator Added a Buffer Database button to the Conduit List screen so the user can call a buffer refresh at any time.
1031 Administrator Fixed a small bug in the updating of the Conduit List screen, specifically on the record count column.
1031 PC Client Rewrote the TagList Save function to hopefully cure a problem with items dropping off of “permanent” tag lists.
1031 Administrator Added code to Export Manager screen to test for duplicate columns on the export and blank entries.
1031 PC Client Fixed a long standing problem with taglists wherein deleting an item off one taglist would sometimes remove it from other people’s taglilsts
1031 PC Client Modified DataLookup to re-run datalookup on any buttons filtered by the current button in case they are set to maintain last value.
1030 All Removed a restriction that required an Onsite type to exist in order for Clock In and Out records to be written to OnsiteData.
1030 Approval Process Fixed a problem when mass approving/overriding in User mode.
1030 All Modified LoadPTRecFromTransHist so that it doesn’t throw an error message if it fails to load, it just returns a NULL recordID
1029 Administrator Services now drop off the list after 1 minute with no communication instead of staying for an hour.
1029 PC Client Added EmployeeID to the list for OnsiteData type.
1029 PC Client Added a Download Database button to the Sync form.
1029 Approval Process Fixed a bug loading the correct count in User summary mode. It wasn’t excluding types that were ApprovalReq = 0
1029 PDA Added code to enable tmrLoad during the CradlePresent event in the cradleState_Changed routine so that the terminal should connect when cradled.
1029 Administrator Modified a few forms that were having their borders cropped under windows 7 (Conduit SQL and Conduit Details)
1029 PC and PDA Fixed a problem with AllowDuplicates not actually checking for Duplicates and then throwing multiple messages
1028 SyncServer Masked the primary key message when saving multiple taglists.
1027 PC and PDA Fixed 2 problems with taglist changes when in disconnected mode.
1026 PDA Client Fixed a problem with uploading tag list changes,
1025 PC Client Fixed a problem with uploading tag list changes that was killing syncing changes.
1025 Administrator Added more columns to the sorting on the Review report to fix an error when you were sorted on a column to the far right of the grid
1025 Administrator Removed unused option “Assign from Clock In/Out” from the type configuration.
1025 PC, Approval, Admin Added Onsite Listing report to internal report launcher
1024 PDA, PC Client Batch Submitted records are now uploaded in chronological order by StartTime
1024 PC, Approval, Admin Added code to read an optional DSN.DAT file at first startup and create/set the PowerTrack DSN
1023 PC, Approval, Admin Added Internal Report Launcher and built in reports