A PowerTrack Partner

The PowerTrack team has been partnering with Viewpoint for over fifteen years. As a Viewpoint Development Partner, POSDATA and its PowerTrack team can be trusted to deliver well-integrated solutions for Viewpoint software customers.

We Complement the Viewpoint Software

PowerTrack provides a mobile solution for your supervisors to submit their daily reporting for labor, equipment, production, materials and much more. PowerTrack supports a variety of time capture options as well as barcode scanning, image capture, signature and GPS capture. In addition, field supervisors can view job progress and other data on their mobile devices, including job and phase-level details.

Design Your Own Mobile Forms

The Viewpoint software has many capabilities for both office and field data entry.  However, customer’s mobile requirements are sometimes outside the scope of Viewpoint’s product capabilities. With PowerTrack’s mobile forms builder, we are able to configure screens to meet specific customer requirements in a matter of minutes. This allows customers to maintain their unique business practices and provides a platform to develop additional competitive advantages using mobile software solutions.

Barcoding Materials, Tools and EquipmentTC55 PowerTrack

One of our specialties is helping Viewpoint customers with barcoding their materials and equipment.  Here are some of the mobile transactions/forms supporting barcode data capture that we have implemented for Viewpoint customers:

  • Material Usage
  • Tool Transfers
  • Equipment Transfers
  • Material Transfers
  • Inventory Count
  • Equipment Usage
  • Clock In (scanning barcoded badges)
  • Clock Out (scanning barcoded badges)

Visit our Barcoding in Construction page to learn more of our capabilities for barcoding.


PowerTrack offers mobile and fixed (kiosk) timekeeping solutions featuring biometrics – utilizing fingerprint readers on iPad and Windows PC platforms.   Our biometric applications allow for clocking in and out for the day, starting and stopping jobs and phases, etc.  to provide management with more confidence that there is no buddy punching or other egregious activity.

Integration with Viewpoint:

The PowerTrack team has worked closely with Viewpoint for integration with both Vista and Spectrum software.   PowerTrack has the capability to communicate with practically any Vista or Spectrum data table, including user-defined fields, via special SQL views that we have developed over years of working with both systems.   This gives you the ability to have a mobile solution conform to your business, using your employees, jobs, phases, equipment and other data for selection lists and validated barcode scanning.

On the back end, Vista and Spectrum have specific import templates that are designed to work with the PowerTrack collected data.  In addition, we leverage Spectrum’s Application Programming interfaces (API’s) for interfacing with Spectrum.

Implement Your Business Logic/Rules:

PowerTrack has an integrated Rules Processor that will incorporate your unique business rules. These rules may be part of your overtime rules, union contracts or standard practices. These rules can add another level of automation on the collected data at the server, thus saving data input time or automating current manual processes in the office.

Why work with a Viewpoint Development Partner?

Viewpoint provides its development partners access to technical resources, documentation and new software releases.     In addition, Viewpoint executives share new product roadmaps with partners so that their software developments can be most beneficial to Viewpoint customers. Bottom line: Viewpoint’s development partners have competencies and trusted capabilities not available elsewhere outside of Viewpoint.