Tool Management and Tracking

Your organization depends on having accurate information on all of your tools and equipment. Use PowerTrack to track equipment and tool movements, equipment usage on jobs, meter and odometer readings and more. By tracking the location of every tool and knowing who is accountable, management can gain control of escalating tool costs. In addition to achieving reductions in tool loss, employee and contractor productivity is increased by having tools and equipment where you need them, when you need them.

Add Mobility to your Accounting/ERP System’s Equipment module

For organizations that keep their equipment records within their accounting/ERP systems, use your mobile devices to quickly and easily record equipment usage on jobs and cost codes. Also record meter and odometer readings, and track equipment movements between locations and job sites. Select equipment using drop down selection lists or barcode scanning.

Tool Management System   

What if you do not have a current system for maintaining tool or equipment information? No sweat. You can use PowerTrack’s optional Tool & Equipment module to keep your tool and equipment records—and your materials as well. Increase accountability by tracking individual tool assignments. Search tools by job site/location, assignment, department, and several other criteria.

The system consists of a SQL database, and a desktop application for entering tool and equipment information. Use PowerTrack’s mobile applications with barcoding for transactions such as transfer, check in and check out. Tool lookups, history queries and reports provide management with information on current inventory and tool activity.

Track Movements and Assignments

During the check out process, tools, equipment, and materials are assigned to employees or contractors quickly and easily through the use of barcode scanning. An employee/contractor ID is scanned or a name is selected from a list. A job site or other location can be selected. Each tool is scanned and a return date can optionally be recorded. Tools can also be transferred between locations without an employee/contractor assignment. The result is that all asset movements are recorded to enforce employee/contractor accountability and accurate inventory.

Visibility to Tools and Equipment

Whether in the office or in the field, it is important to know the location and availability of tools. The tool lookup capability in the PowerTrack Tool Management system is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. You can quickly search on an individual tool or model number—or filter results based on manufacturer, description, category, assignment (employee/contractor), site, business unit/department, or condition.

Analysis of Tool and Material Usage and Activity

Tool and material usage can be analyzed by a quick lookup of transaction history or through activity reports.  Transaction history can be filtered by date range, tool or model number, assignment (employee/contractor), site, business unit/department and by transaction type (check-in, check out, transfer, new/retired asset).  Activity reports can point management to areas of heavy tool utilization or tools that are rarely used, thereby guiding future tool purchases.