Introducing the PowerTrack Guy

We are introducing Axel, the PowerTrack guy, to the construction world this week at the TUG Conference—The Users Group for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Mobile devices are taking the construction industry by storm, and our new backdrop gets that point across with a single image—a big, burly construction worker using a smartphone. Some have asked if he is taking a selfie, which is all in vogue today. Clearly not—as you can see that the camera is facing away from Axel.

As the surrounding text implies, we would like to imagine that Axel has just completed entering the time for his entire crew, in addition to his material and equipment usage and production information. Now he is about to take a picture of job progress, and submit that with his daily log information. PowerTrack will make sure the image is cataloged with the correct job for future reference.

At the end of the day, Axel knows that all of his information has been safely transferred to headquarters for the office staff to review. He can end his day without worrying about running paper reports into the office.

Of course, Axel is a fictional character, but our PowerTrack software is working every day to make this same scenario a reality for construction companies across the country.