PowerTrack for Windows

PowerTrack has two applications available to provide remote access for Windows laptop or desktop users:

Daily Timesheet for WindowsWindows-Screenshot-400px

Designed with input from hundreds of construction companies, the Daily Timesheet provides a user interface similar to a spreadsheet for rapid data entry.  As you enter data, the grid will expand horizontally with your selection of additional phases/cost codes.  The grid will also expand vertically as you enter rows of data.

You control the content and structure of your Daily Timesheet.   Just like the other PowerTrack mobile applications, the Daily Timesheet can be customized to capture the data most important to your business, including labor, equipment, production, materials and more.   You can add any number of grid segments for different data categories.  Also capture detailed job notes, weather information and other daily journal input for construction sites.

The Daily Timesheet is designed to operate independent of network availability, capturing a full day’s data for a selected job.  The user can easily switch between timesheets to enter data for multiple jobs.

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Biometric-alternativeFor job sites with dedicated entrances, PowerTrack also supports rugged biometric (fingerprint ID) timeclocks for employee/contractor clock in and out and admittance control.

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